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Web Photo Updates

We shot a load of photographs of our beautiful lenses and some accessories towards the end of last year and are just getting round to updating the website with the new images. Our stills camera of choice was our RED Epic-M Dragon shootng 6K from which we extracted the stills. Our lens of choice was the King of the 'Pack Shots' our Arri/Zeiss 40mm Master Prime T1.3. Lighting was provided by a 4' 4 Bank Kino Flo and a Celeb 400. We're really pleased with the results but still have a long list of Cameras, Lenses and Accessories to shoot that weren't available at the time so we'll be getting these up asap. I think you'll agree it's always nicer to see our actual products than a generic manufacturers' product shot. There are a few sample images below, check out the website for the rest...


Arri ALura 15.5-45mm zoom

Kowa Prominar Anamorphics lenses

Leica TLS Noctilux T1.0

Alura 45-250mm zoom