Wireless SystemsTeradek Bolt Pro 3000 TX/2RX system

3000' long range HD wireless TX/2RX system

The Bolt Pro system is Teradek's flagship wireless system. With 3000' range, robust signal and rapid reconnection it is the ideal solution for many production situations. Ours has performed flawlessly on top of mountains in Skye, out of the back of chase cars and on numerous steadicam and Motion Control rigs - a brilliant piece off kit.


  • Longer Range - Transmit visually lossless video up to 3000ft with no delay
  • 20mhz Channels - Use more than twice as many Bolts in one location or avoid interference like never before
  • 2 New DFS Channels - Operate interference-free more often in the USA and Europe by making use of two newly introduced DFS channels
  • 20% Smaller Chassis - Not just smaller, but lighter too, allowing these models to integrate into any rig unnoticed
  • More Robust Than Ever Before - Reach your Bolt’s full range and potential right out of the box with new software that provides the most robust wireless link we’ve ever created
  • Rapid Reconnection - Reconnect times during a dropped link are now instantaneous once you move back into range
  • Built-in HDMI To SDI Converter- Perfect for use with MoVI and other gimbals, Bolt’s TX has a built-in HDMI to SDI converter, allowing you to connect both your on-camera monitor and video source via the same device
  • Individual Identity - Easily identify which Bolt TX and RX work together with removable coloured top plates

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